Task 20
Task 20
SHC Task 20

Solar Energy in Building Renovation


Task 20 is divided into four Subtasks, each coordinated by a lead country:

  • Subtask A - Evaluation of Existing Building Applications (Sweden)
  • Subtask B - Development of Improved/Advanced Renovation Concepts (Belgium)
  • Subtask C - Design of Solar Renovation Projects (Denmark)
  • Subtask D - Documentation and Dissemination (Netherlands)

Subtask A has focused on obtaining as much relevant information as possible from existing solar renovation projects - both positive and negative. Information has been collected on the reasons for renovation, various features employed, the renovation process, and occupant reactions.

Development of improved and advanced renovation concepts is the main focus of Subtask B. A wide variety of possible systems, components, and strategies will be identified and then analyzed in specific renovation situations to assess their feasibility and performance.

In Subtask C, the participants will create designs for solar renovation projects, which may be used as demonstration projects. Monitoring procedures and reporting formats will also be developed in the Subtask. The activities in Subtask C are divided into two parts: (1) Design of solar renovation projects and (2) Evaluation of solar renovation projects.

Under Subtask D, the results of the Task will be summarized and documented. Various information dissemination methods will be employed. The Subtask consists of the following elements:

  • D1 - Document Solar Renovation Strategies and Lessons Learned
  • D2 - Arrange and Participate in International Symposia
  • D3 - Compile Illustrative Source Materials
  • D4 - National Information Dissemination